How Much can you Spend for a Website for your Business?

There is never a straight answer for how much does a website because there is no fix cost. One company can tell you one price and another can do it a lot cheaper. Let’s say a web design company ABC charges $3000 for a 20 page HTML website and another company DEF charges $1200 for the same thing. At first, you think the company DEF is cheap and try them out. Before you make that decision, you must check and compare their websites samples. It is not always the best of work if a company charges lot cheaper than other. Therefore you need to check out the samples of websites made by both companies. When you choose a company to design a website, make sure they have more experienced and knowledge in web design as well as online marketing. How much does a website cost has no  straight answer but you can find out be revealing the requirements to a web designer.

Any experienced web design company has in-depth knowledge on internet marketing can give you many valuable suggestions. They will spend more time to understand the client’s requirement. The most important thing is if you really want to make a website that represents your small business then you must think of quality and professionalism. The company who charges less may or may not look into your requirement seriously. Always check their portfolio. Set up a meeting or send them an email only when you are satisfied with their work. Nobody likes to play games.

There are various types of web designs which can cost from few hundreds to few thousands. Think as if you are buying a new house. If you want luxurious house with a nice little garden and swimming pool, it will definitely cost you more than a single apartment.  Websites are like the same. If you want it big, the price will be big. It all depends on how much latest features you want in a website.

Source: Website Costs and Maintenance Fee